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What is lettuce? all you need to know about lettuce

Lettuce - do you love taking lettuce at your meal? Do you know what is it, and how to use it properly ?

Keep reading this article and you are going to learn everything that you must know about lettuce, including benefits and methods to grow at your home.

In this article you will learn about:


What is lettuce? Lettuce meaning

Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) is a vegetable which is grown in almost all countries of the world, they are of 5 types, differ from colours, taste and looks, but these all types are king in taste, it is very attractive Vegetable which is almost as beautiful as flowers because of its looks.

All five types of lettuce are attractive and tasty, many people like them because of its taste. It is a rich source of vitamin A and vitamin K, which helps you to keep your eyes and skin healthy.

It is a vegetable which is beneficial for our health.

What are the uses of lettuce ?

It is mostly used for making salads, in India it is also known as (salad leaves) this plant is grown for its leaves which can be eaten in many ways, including salads, vegetable mixers, fry etc. when it is grown, people do not add any artificial fertilizers, that is a good benefit of taking lettuce.

Its leaves are eaten in many parts of this world, some people also consume its steam. It is grown mainly for its leaves.

Beside eating leaves, it is also grown for its steam and seeds, which can be used in different type of activities, as it is an important vegetable.

It is also used in many other  fields, like medicine, herbal food  and decorations of parks etc. (If you like to make your garden look fresh and beautiful without flowers, then this can be an option for you)

When was lettuce discovered ?

It was first discovered by the ancient Egypt who used it from a weed and their seeds were taken to produce oil, into a food plant grown for its  leaves and oil rich seeds. It was founded by some Greeks and Romans and they kept the name as lettuce and the word lettuce is discovered.

Very soon the information about  upit spread and people all over the world came to know about it. and the consumption of this plant become very helpful, so people liked it and began to eat.

Some important points about lettuce

It is one of the beautiful vegetable because of its attractive leaves. It requires low temperature so that it can Flourish easily and obtain much nutrition from soil, it also need a loose soil so that it can flourish easily and last long.


It can be grown in loamy soil, black soil and even in some more types of soils. but hard soil is not suitable for its cultivation  because it is a soft plant which needs a lots of water to grow itself well, therefore you should keep in mind that less water can cause danger to the plant.

It is a plant which provide a number of nutrition, it is helpful for curing different types of diseases, there are few side effects of eating lettuce too much.

If you want to plant it at your home then you can easily follow this steps to grow lettuce at your home -

1. An area of land to plant lettuce (area depends on amount of lettuce you want to plant)

2.keep a distance of 8-12 cm. among the plants. (See the distance shown in the image below)
Lettuce plant
Lettuce plant 

3.before planting seeds, ensure that the field was loosen 5 days before (should be loosen ever days)

4.  Water the field before planting seeds,

5.add natural fertilizers like, cow dung, dried leaves  - 
Inorganic fertilizers causes harm to the plant, so keep those artificial fertilizers away from plant, we founded that there is no use to artificial fertilizers on its cultivation, as we have an experience of growing lettuce from many years.

Anyhow we can use artificial fertilizers during soil preparation, it will not cause too much harm to the plant, and after it gets totally mixed then it will help on the growth of the plant.

6. Plant seeds and water them after one day .
( To learn in details about the planting of lettuce crop, click here)

Lettuce is very useful for our health, it is easily available in market, daily consumption of lettuce will result in a better health. so if you are thinking to become a consumer of it then go on, your health will be improved.
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    Image of lettuce 

How to eat lettuce ?

There are many ways by which we can eat lettuce, in case of many vegetables, there are a lot of ways to cook them for eating, it is because those vegetables doesn't  have any side effects even if we eat them row.

Almost all vegetables are suitable for eating row but it don't taste well so, we prefer some vegetables which taste well even if we eat them row, and lettuce is one of those vegetables.

Though there are many ways of eating lettuce, some of them are mentioned below:

  • By making salads along with other green vegetables, salt, a little amount of oil and chili .
  • By frying lettuce along with potato.
  • It can be used in soups (any soup).
  • It is used in burgers.
  • We can use lettuce to make curry.
  • It can be boiled in water along with salt.
  • It can be used in chow.
  • It is used in pizzas.
  • It is use in making many other,
  • Domino's products.
  • Added in sandwiches.

New recipes to try with lettuce (new idea from

  • Chicken lettuce - this is a great recipe, you may never have heard of this before, the process of making chicken lettuce is very simple and easy, i recommend to try this recipe once, because I have a good experience with lettuce and its taste.

To make chicken lettuce Follow the methods given below 

  1. Take some lettuce and row chicken (as usual)
  2. Wash the chicken meat and lettuce too, now boil the lettuce leaves in water with salt.
  3. After that fry the lettuce leaves in cooking oil for some minutes only.
  4. Take all the required spices and other tasty things.
  5. Fry the lettuce leaves again with chicken meat and enjoy your chicken lettuce.
  • Lettuce egg roll - this is one of the simple but very tasty and easy recipe, well it cannot be actually called as recipe but there is no such reason to deny for calling it recipe. and it doesn't take much time to make lettuce egg role, and believe me its much more tasty then normal egg role.

Steps to make lettuce egg role are given below

  1. Boil the leaves after washing, just boil for some minutes only.
  2. Add some salt and Fry the leaves in cooking oil (for some minutes only)
  3. Make mixer of egg with other things (used as usually) cut some leaves into small pieces and add in the mixture of egg.
  4. Now keep the egg for fry and keep one leaf from upside.
  5. After a descent fry take off the egg and paste one lettuce leaf on the egg (one side was already pasted )
  6. Now again keep the egg for frying.
  7. Now you found that the both side of egg is covered with. leaves
  8. You can take it for eating now. (can be used for new cooking business idea)

Benefits of eating lettuce

  1. Beneficial for pregnant women - the consumption of lettuce while in pregnancy, result in a good health, both for mother and the baby, like other green leafy vegetables lettuce is also beneficial for pregnant women.
  2. Consumption of lettuce reduces tension - this benefit was found by researches, and it was first tasted in animals and after which they found that there were some changes on animals. Then it is highly recommend to eat eat lettuce, because tension is a common and bad human problem, everyone carries tension for something, and those who use to be in tension for many things, should eat lettuce daily it will bring changes .
  3. Good for healthy body parts- consumption of lettuce keeps our body healthy, it is good for our bones and heart, which is a big benefit of eating lettuce. because it reduces the chance of heart diseases.
  4. Prevents memory loss- this is a well know benefit of eating lettuce. regular consumption of lettuce keeps the brain healthy and even to your memories.
  5. Increases concentration power - the brain cells which are responsible for keeping you concentrated; can be caused damaged in some cases but if you consume lettuce regularly then you have 0% chances of meeting those accident. so you might have understood why is lettuce important for your health.
  6. Weight loss- many people suffer from over weight and use different type of artificial medicines to decrease their weight, but what if you hear that lettuce can reduce your weight? Yes ! It's true, you will see a great change on your weight if you consume lettuce regularly .

Other vegetables which taste well if mixed with lettuce are -

The below given methods are simple and it can be used very easily .
  • Potato - it is a vegetable which can be mixed with many vegetables, because potato is a regular vegetable in many parts of this world, if you don't know how to make lettuce with potato then follow this steps .there are different types of potato recipe which can be made through potato, lettuce can be added on all those methods.
A.cut potato and lettuce as usual and wash them nicely 
B.fry them together by adding  other important spices and materials 
C.after the curry seems ready , enjoy it 
(Isn't that simple ?)

  • Chicken - lettuce can be easily cooked with chicken and it will also give you a nice taste ,first of all you will have to boil lettuce after that you can fry it along with chicken the taste will be changed but you will enjoy it .
No other steps are needed to cook lettuce with chicken, just cook as usual.

It can also be cooked with other vegetables too, like -  cabbage, radish and potato.

How to store lettuce at home?

Well  buying or cultivating is a bit hard work but storage is not that hard, just you have to use your sense, because storing includes, safety and long term use of lettuce plant.

After buying from market first of all you will have to wash it very nicely  there should no dirty things on its leaves. after washing it you will have to make it a bit dry so that its leaves don't get spoil.

Then you can keep lettuce at a dry and cool place where it doesn't get dehydrated soon. The best place for storing lettuce will be refrigerator, where you can make a suitable place for keeping all your lettuce, which you bought and expect to use it for a week, ya you can store it even for a week.

Beside refrigerator you can also store it on your vegetable storing area but try to maintain distance between lettuce plant and other vegetables as it is a soft plant it gets un fresh very soon if it is kept in a crowd of other vegetables.

Routine for eating lettuce 

All the benefits which is obtained by consumption of lettuce, needs a regular routine by which you can take it at equal intervals, this is very important.
It is a plant which doesn't taste well if keep eating three-four times a day so it is highly recommend to take it daily at same time you take.

Example if you eat lettuce today at 2 Pm, then you eat tomorrow at same time I.e. at 2 Pm, this keeps a distance of 24 hours and it helps your body to obtain nutrition easily and regularly.

Some useful and  important facts about lettuce 

  • Its plant become ready for consumption as soon as it start growing, it doesn't matter whether the plant is mature or not, it can be used for consumption after 30 days of sowing seeds.

  • Its plants are of more than 20 types under 4 or 5 categories.
  • It is more than 3 times lighter than spinach, 6 to 7 times lighter then cabbage.if they are of same quantity.

  • Ancient Greeks and Romans believe lettuce as the healthiest food because of its useful purposes like curing diseases.

  • Americans are the largest consumers of lettuce, that is thirty pounds lettuce is consumed by each person of America in a year.

Lettuce leaves
Height of lettuce plant 
  • Its plant can grow up to 3 feet (one meter long)if it gets high nutrition. and till it can be used for consumption.

  • Its plant must be used for commercial purposes or consumption when it grows up to 4 centimeters only.

  • USA is the largest consumer of lettuce and China is the largest producer of lettuce, although it is cultivated in almost all parts of the world, more than 50% of lettuce consumed are from China.

  • It is a plant which can be found of more than eight colours, even red and light black lettuce are also available. other colours are yellow, green, dark green etc.

Risk while growing lettuce

Well, if you want to grow this plant, or even you are just a consumer then also it's important for you to know this risks which is very dangerous for lettuce while is is grown,

It seems like cultivation is very easy, of course it's easy when everything is in the favour of cultivator, but if not then it's very difficult, some countries are not even suitable for growing lettuce, 

There are a lots of risks which is experienced while growing lettuce, example;

1. Too much of rain - this is very dangerous for the plant, in many countries heavy rainfall result in failure of it's cultivation, the leaves get broken and it start dying, and once it is attacked by heavy rain, it can't be used anymore, the only thing which can be done from the damaged plants is, using it for fertilizer,

2. No water - in this case the plants stop growing and its leaves become totally discolored and after that its value becomes zero, which means that it is no more what was excepted it to be, it can't be sold in the market, nor it can be used for eating.

3. High temperature - in this case, the leaves can't protect itself because it's very smooth and it turns into different could, seems like it has been burnt, and then the cultivators remove the effected leaves and uses the rest, but it turns into loss.

4. Unsuitable soil - many a times, farmers fail to understand the suitability of the soil and they pretend to grow in it, but when the plant grows nearly for a month, it seems totally old, there will be no big leaves as regular, the stems will be very thin, so here farmers can't take it to market because it looks totally weird and when people try to eat,then it gives a useless taste.

So these were some risks which people face which growing, there are many but I have mentioned the main problems.

Now a days with the help of technology it becomes very easy for the cultivators to grow lettuce, but it's used by 5-6% of farmers only.

Why is lettuce best vegetable ?

First of all, we must know that there are many vegetables which are best at their own taste and value, it is important for us to take all the vegetables regularly, because they contain lots of benefits for us,

But still there are many which has not been explored properly, because it may be either available in low quantity of with less identity.

When we talk about lettuce, then of course it's on of the best vegetable. Anyhow it cannot be something which can make it different from vegetables.

But when we compare it with others then we will find many different and useful things which is not available in other vegetables, like it can be grown without much necessary of artificial fertilizers, and it is also very light weight, descent taste and lots of nutrition.

This are the things which makes this plant one of the best vegetable.

There are many other things.

Conclusion ( final words about this article)

Through this article we aim to help people who are looking for details about lettuce and we have tried to mentioned all the important details lettuce.

All the information given in this article are based on true experience of cultivation and from the collection of wide information.

In future we will keep updating this article with latest information, so stay tuned with us.

If you have any questions regarding this article or if you have any doubt then feel free to comment below.

Note- this article is based on true experience.

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