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All benefits of eating lettuce, explained in simple words

All benefits of eating lettuce, explain in simple words:

Well, there are many things to eat in this world but, does it feel good if you don't know what benefits you get after eating?

Not much, because everyone wants to make a habit of eating good and high nutritional foods, therefore it is necessary for everyone to know all the benefits of eating those things.

So in this article, you will come to know about, benefits of eating lettuce, Nutrition in lettuce, why should we eat lettuce daily? lettuce vs.other vegetables, ways to eat lettuce.

All benefits of eating lettuce|explained in simple words
All benefits of eating lettuce|explained in simple words 

Benefits of eating lettuce 

1.weight loss benefit 

Eating lettuce
Weight loss benefit of eating lettuce

There are many vitamins present in lettuce and because of low calories, it is helpful for those who are suffering from overweight and consumption of this plant regularly is a great method of losing weight, just you need to do is eat this every day after taking your meal and you will see a good result.

2.Good for bones -

Healthy bones lettuce
Healthy bones, lettuce

lettuce contains calcium and iron which is responsible for human bones, and that is why consumption of this plant will result in strong and healthy bones. But it doesn't mean that eating this once or twice a week will make you iron Man, take it regularly on a medium amount and you will see the benefits.

3. Reduces heart diseases

Lettuce benefits
Healthy heart- lettuce 

there are many diseases that occur due to lack of some simple vitamins or nutrition, and people suffer because of this but, if you consume lettuce regularly then you will stay free from all heart diseases.

4.Good health - 

Good health by eating lettuce
Good health by eating lettuce 

of course, this is a benefit which we get from many vegetables and fruits, but you will be happy when you will hear that lettuce was first used even as herbal medicine and, it was because lettuce has got much nutrition in it.

In this world, a lot of diseases have been found. And some diseases are very dangerous. But regular consumption of healthy nutritious food can keep you far and save from those diseases.

Not only this but people should also focus on all other green leafy vegetables and fruits because they contain a lot of nutrition in them and that nutrition is always required by the human body.

5. cures diabetes-

Lettuce cure diabetes
Lettuce cure diabetes

if you eat too much of sweet products and you worry, because diabetes is caused mainly because of eating sweet products in much amount. But if you consume lettuce regularly then you don't need to worry about diabetes, and it also helps to cure diabetes.

6. It keeps blood pressure under control - 

Image showing ,good blood pressure
Image shows, good blood pressure

this is a great benefit of consuming lettuce. if you consume lettuce daily then you don't need to worry about high or low blood pressure, it provides such nutrition which will always keep your blood pressure normal. thanks to Greeks who introduced it as a food crop.

7.Very helpful for pregnant women -

Lettuce is good for pregnant womens
Lettuce is good for pregnant women

while in pregnancy, there are many things which can cause bad effect on mother as well as for baby too, that's why they are forbidden to eat everything, to let their baby grow well, but beside this if they consume things like lettuce then it will be a positive impact on the health of mother and baby.

8. Controls some type of cancer -

Lettuce save people from cancer
Lettuce save people from cancer 

the present of some useful vitamins and omenga 3 in this plant, make it useful for us, there are different types of cancer, in case of lung cancer, lettuce prevents it to attack our lunch. This vitamin is present in all type of plants which are available in our environment.

Note - consumption of lettuce may help to prevent cancer, but it's not a treatment. (We do not guarantee for it).

9.sleep well

Lettuce causes sleep
Lettuce causes sleep 

Lettuce has some important fluids in it, which carries many useful benefits for us, this fluid can be found in all types of this plant, its main benefit for us is that it causes sleep, this means consumption of this plant results in good sleep. there are many people who don't get a good sleep because of tension, depression or any other factor. it is highly recommended to consume this plant if anyone has a sleeping problem.

10.lost of useful vitamins 

Lettuce contains all important vitamins
Lettuce contains all important vitamins

Lettuce is full of vitamins which are able to meet many types of nutrition requirements in the body, eating this will keep a balance of those vitamins to help the body grow well and healthy. Some examples of those vitamins are given below 
  • Vitamin A- This vitamin is required in many useful parts of our body, the most advantages gained by it goes to our vision power that is our eyes, ya sounds well! And regular consumption of lettuce will keep your eyes safe from all eye diseases, vision power is not decreased if you provide vitamin A regularly to your body.
Some more sources of vitamin A are -
  1. Carrots
  2. Papaya
  3. Barriers 
  4. Other dark green leafy vegetables-spinach,  broccoli
  5. Fruits - orange and yellow fruits 
  6. Juices 
  7. Eggs 
  • Vitamin c- this useful vitamin is also found in lettuce, its main job in our body is to glow our skin and makes our skin healthy, there are some more benefits of vitamin here 
Some more sources of vitamin c, are 
  1. Orange 
  2. Lemon 
  3. Unripe mango (not recommended for regular consumption)
  4. Cauliflower
  5. Potatoes
  6. Broccoli
  7. Tomatoes and its juices 
  8. Strawberries
  9. Spinach
  10. Cabbage
  • Vitamin k- it is an important vitamin for blood and bones, vitamin k helps in blood clotting system and it's also useless for the metabolism of human bones, there are some more useful benefits of vitamin k.lack of vitamin k can cause bleeding. and excess consumption of vitamins can cause kidney disease. (too much vitamin k)
Some more sources of vitamin k are -
  1. Spinach
  2. Broccoli
  3. Banana
  4. Other green leafy vegetables
  5. Fruits
  6. Cereals
  • Vitamin B, calcium, iron and some more useful things present in lettuce, are not mentioned in detail because they are almost benefited us like those vitamins which are already discussed in this article.

11.strong muscles and bones 

Regular consumption of lettuce is beneficial for human muscles
Regular consumption of lettuce is beneficial for human muscles

We have already discussed bones but it was about good and healthy bones, only and here we if we talk about muscles and bones then of course lettuce is very helpful for it. lettuce helps our muscles to grow well and consuming this plant while in workout age, will boost the growth of muscles, it is because this plant contains proteins, which is found in vegetables too. you can also consume cereals(beans)for protein.

12. Lettuce helps to kill the pain 

Lettuce is a pain killer
Lettuce is a pain killer

If you are a regular consumer of lettuce, you will never notice this benefit because you will never feel normal body pains, this is only because you are eating it daily, but for those who don't consume this, start consuming from now, become a lettuce consumer you will feel this benefit. 

Lettuce contains some chemicals which act as a pain killer there is no side effect of this benefit. The only thing you need to do is eat this daily either by boiling or in salads.

13.Always available for you

All the vegetables are not available throughout the year. This is because of the climatic condition requirements of plants. And people have to wait for the seasons so that they can get their favorite vegetables.
Benefits of eating lettuce
An image of lettuce

But it is available throughout the year. there are many types of lettuce and some of them are available to even in the summer season, you can either go to purchase them from the market or you can simply grow at your home and consume lettuce whole year.

The only thing you have to understand is that all lettuce is not similar, some have got a different taste, do you don't have to focus on the changes. Just take it as a source of nutrition for your health.

Some more information about lettuce 

Lettuce is an annual crop that was discovered by Greeks, at first they used it to produce oil and later on the consumption of its leaves started, and it was spread all over the world.
And people started eating its leaves as salads because it is a great vegetable for making the salad, in India, people call this by the name- lettuce leaves.

 There are many things you must know about lettuce. once in history a type of lettuce was considered as dangerous for consumption, it was because of some incident that happened in past, some people of a country were badly effected by consuming romaine lettuce, and it was because of a bacteria which occurred in lettuce from the irrigation system. and because of this, people stopped consuming this. but after deep research, it was found that the problem was not in lettuce but in the irrigation system.

So again people started consuming the plant as it was safe.

Types of lettuce 

There are different types of lettuce; 
  1. Romaine lettuce 
  2. Butter lettuce 
  3. Green leaf.
  4. Red leaf.
  5. Yellow.
  6. Arugula.
  7. Belgian Endive.

Proper ways of eating lettuce

There are many ways to eat lettuce buy it is necessary to know how and when you should eat. This is important because this could have some bad impacts too if it is consumed as  improper ways:
  • It can be eaten row but before eating this as salads, you must wash it thoroughly so that it doesn't contain any dust particle on its leaves.
  • Don't eat without washing. In many places, it is found that people are crazy about eating directly from fields.
  • If you don't like to eat this in salads then you can boil with a little salt and you can enjoy.
  • Don't eat discolor leaves because you may not know what are the causes behind discolored leaves. That is a problem found in many vegetables, and of course, it is going to be a bad impact if you eat lettuce in that way.
  • You can add in your soups, it may be any type of soup, lettuce is going to add more taste in it so feel free to add lettuce in your every soup.
  • Many people say that lettuce is a salad plant and denies to add on curry but, it's totally wrong. Of course, lettuce is a salad vegetable but it doesn't mean that it won't give you taste in other methods of eating.
  • Lettuce can be eaten even by adding on chicken meat or any other meat.
  • Taking it after your meal is highly recommended because it gives you a good taste and adds much more to your health.
  • Growing at home is one of the best ways to consume it for whole your whole life, try planting it at your home, click here to learn about growing lettuce.

Lettuce vs. other vegetables

Well, it is not a good choice to compare this plant with other vegetables but to make people focus more on lettuce, this comparison has been done.

Of course, lettuce is a vegetable but there are some special things about it, which makes it more special.

Below given points are the benefits of lettuce over other vegetables

  • It is an annual crop that can be grown and harvested all over the year, in the case of other vegetables there are many seasonal crops that are not available throughout the year.
  • It is a plant that can easily be grown at home and a single plant can be used up to 60 days-other vegetables are not the same as this, there are many crops that are harvested totally at once.
  • It is lightweight- many other vegetables become a burden in terms of storing and transportation.
  •  can easily be eater row- this benefit is not available with many other vegetables.
  •  more than 15 types available which allows people to choose their favorite among all those types.

Drawbacks of lettuce when compared with other vegetables

  • It cannot be stored for a long time - while there are many vegetables which can be stored up to a month.
  • It becomes unfresh after some days - some vegetables look as fresh as new, even for a week.
  • cannot be transported like other vegetables, it has been maintained with proper care.
  • These plant needs much more water to grow which may not be required by many other crops.
Final words (conclusion)

All the information given in this article are based on Internet research and from reality experiments, this article aims to help people who want to know about the benefits of eating lettuce.

Therefore: if you have any questions regarding this article then leave a comment below, let us know how was the article helpful for you.

Note-  we get benefits of eating every vegetable, but there are some like lettuce which also works as medicine food.

Regular consumption is the main thing. If people consume lettuce regularly then surely they will be benefited.

Never think that vegetables can cure every disease, but if you are suffering from any disease then you must go for treatment, and after that, you can continue eating healthy food like vegetables.

We do not guarantee for any diseases to be cured.

Also, read- how to grow lettuce?

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How to grow lettuce? Details about Growing lettuce

How to grow lettuce? Details Growing lettuce 

All information about growing lettuce. If you want to grow lettuce and wish to learn the process for growing lettuce then you are at the right place, keep reading.

In this article you will learn about, growing lettuce, planting lettuce, how to grow lettuce, thinks to keep in mind for Growing lettuce, and other important details about growing lettuce.

Image of lettuce
Lettuce plant in fields 

How to grow lettuce? Growing lettuce

Lettuce is an annual crop, it is known as one of the best vegetables among all others.

There are many benefits of eating lettuce.

Many people like to eat this plant because of its taste and healthy looks, but there are many people who want to eat but it's not available at their nearby market or they don't get the fresh one, so in this article I will cover everything by which you can grow it wherever you want, it can even be for commercial purposes or even for consumption.

Any type of soils are not suitable for growing it, there are some types of soils which can hurt its plant and the plant will die before the growing process.

So in this article, I will also tell you that how can you grow lettuce even in unsuitable soils.

There are many types of lettuce, more than 10 types and all those are  almost same but different by color and taste, some are almost green and some are yellow, you can also find this of red color, but one thing is common in all these types, that they Need same climatic  condition, temperate, water, and air, all this are common for many types of lettuce.

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romaine lettuce- what is romaine lettuce? Know in this article

What is romaine lettuce?

We all know that lettuce is a vegetable and it's good for health, but there are different types of lettuce, and in this article, we will talk about romaine lettuce, what Is romaine lettuce? How should we use it and why? is it good for our health? Benefits of eating lettuce

Keep reading this article you will understand in detail.
romaine lettuce |what is romaine lettuce ? Know in this article
romaine lettuce |what is romaine lettuce? Know in this article 

Romaine lettuce (cos lettuce )

It is a type of lettuce family also knows as Lactuca sativa.a variety of lettuce that is grown in a tall head of sturdy dark green leaves from firm ribs down the side of their center.

It is also a type of lettuce like others.
It was first grown in North America, many people of that country liked this plant because of its taste and it is also a healthy crop with good nutrition value in it.

In North America romaine was sold as “hearts”
There was a simple technique of selling, the farmers cut the roots and removed the upper leaves to increase to looking quality of its leaves and after that, they sold it in the market.

But once in history, north Americans and Canadian health organization centers warned people to stop consuming this, as there were some reports which came out after certain research on it, the report said that people can get effected with adulterated pathogenic E. coli bacteria.

The issues was founded by north America, after consuming this, many people in some region  got sick, and the health agency of that country announced that people should not eat this because it's harmful  vegetable, in some states of North America, nearly 50 people got sick because of the plant, and finally government declared that this plant should no longer be eaten by the people in that country, not for public consumer neither by the restaurants.

This problem in this plant was also founded in other countries too, like Canada and the USA, there were several problems caused by this plant, like stomach cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea.
But according to the report, there was not a serious problem which could lead to death, as not a single death was founded because of consuming romaine.

Is it safe to eat romaine lettuce now? (romaine lettuce updates)

Yes, it is safe to consume this now in 2019, as far as the earlier reports their problems found inside this, it was only because of a bacteria, which was believed to be caused by water harvesting sources and some more.

As now there are no certain cases which were founded earlier.

So we can easily consume romaine lettuce, but with some precautions like -

  1. Wash it nicely before consumption 
  2. Throw the roots and cook the rest parts only.
  3. Throw away the outer leaves. 
  4. Don't eat those with unhealthy leaves.
  5. Boil  in water before eating 
  6. Make salads by boiling the leaves.
  7. Take fresh one not the rotten.
  8. Grow the plants at your garden if possible 
  9. Eat this in limited quantity a day 
  10. Don't consume lettuce if you really don't like it.
Romaine lettuce
Other types of  lettuce in fields 

Why is romaine lettuce important?

It is very important for us because of its position in the vegetable category, it is one of the best vegetables, many people like to eat this, as compared to other vegetables, it is because of its taste and nutrition facts.

It is also a good looking vegetable. Which doesn't make you feel that you are taking a vegetable?
An image of lettuce
Leaves of lettuce 

Some benefits of taking romaine lettuce -

1. Good for health 

Like every other vegetable, this one too contains much nutrition which makes your health better, it is good for many things it cures many diseases too. daily consumption will result in better health and therefore a healthy life.

2. It cures anemia 

There are many types of chemicals present in this plant and if you are a  consumer of this plant then u might be happy that you are not going to suffer from anemia 
And if you are already suffering from anemia then start taking this plant now. It will boost your health and help to cure anemia.

3.Contains lots of vitamins

There are many types of vitamins present in this plant as well as in other types of lettuce, if you consume it daily then there will be a balance of all vitamins in your body and it will never make you feel a lack of nutrition in the body.

All vitamins present here, are good in many ways for many parts of our body, if you are newly known to it, then you must consume, it will give a better result.

4.Contains calcium and iron 

Calcium and iron are the nutrition that is responsible for the health of human bones, lack of calcium leads to weak bones, if you consume romaine, on regular basis then it will boost your bones by providing the required amount of calcium and nutrition.

It doesn't take much effort to grow this, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that the seeds of lettuce you buy, must be of good quality, we have a good experience with its seeds, you can buy the seeds in low costs online, check this page you will find listing of lettuce seeds, you can go with those options

How to grow romaine lettuce?

In order to grow romaine, you will have to follow some simple steps.

  1. Get good quality seeds, make sure that the seeds are from updated sources and promises to have a healthy plant.
  2. You need a small part of land where you can sow the seeds (nursery process).
  3. Add manures in the field, for good germination value.
  4. After sowing the seeds, make sure that you water the field.
  5. After that cover the whole part of land where you sow the seeds,
  6. After a few days, the seeds will grow up, water them again. ( lightly)
  7. Make sure to remove the seeds which grow along with the plant.
  8. When you see that the plant is ready( 4-5 inches) take them to the main field and sow plant them.

To learn more read my article about growing lettuce. Where I have explained the whole process for growing lettuce.

Romaine lettuce vs. spinach

Many people are still confused between romaine and spinach, it is either because of the same looks or, because of nutrition value and after factors.

So here are I will mention some points which will make you clearly between these two vegetables.

1. Romaine comes under the group of the lettuce family, it has all the features of lettuce, it requires the same temperature and climatic condition as required by its family whereas, spinach is a vegetable which also looks, like some of the types of lettuce, but it's not! 

2. They need different climatic condition while growing, they can be grown at their full potential during the same period, it may grow but they will not have the perfect features which are found on they when they are growing at their real season.

3. they have different tastes. Their taste is dar different from each other, both vegetables are known for eating their leaves, but different taste and feeling is found when it is eaten.

4. Different looks, they never look the same, there is always a difference between their looks, spinach grows along with spoon type leaves, from the time it starts growing but lettuce doesn't.

5. They need different time to grow, spinach grows very fast as compared to romaine lettuce, we can start eating spinach every after 20 days of growing.

6. Spinach needs much care while growing, because it is soft and also very weak plant.

7. They have different nutritional values.

romaine lettuce vs iceberg

Well, people must know the difference between romaine and iceburg because it is important for people to know, which one to choose from these two options, 

Well it is clear that both belong to the same family, and both are in the same category, but there are some differences which people must know to understand the conditions of these two vegetables and also their features.

1. They are different in shape - romaine generally looks taller, because it grows up words but iceburg is not the same as this, it grows wide and round, which is attractive.

2. They have different growing conditions - both need different Conditions to grow, we cannot grow both at every place, someplace is not suitable for this action, as romaine can be grown in more temperature but inceburg can't be.

3. Nutrition- both contain a different nutritional value in them, iceburg can be better.

4. Safety - iceburg is recommended highly when you are confused to choose one these two plants. Because romaine has been know to be containing some unhealthy bacteria which can be harmful to the health of the people.

5. Taste -, of course, they will be different in taste, Romaine is the winner here, it is admired by many people, but iceburg is not that popular.

Final words (conclusion)

This article was about romaine lettuce, all details that people must know about this, is given in this article, therefore if you feel that I have missed any point and any important information, then feel free to comment us.

Your comment is important for us to ensure that our blog contents are properly explained.

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