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All benefits of eating lettuce, explained in simple words

All benefits of eating lettuce, explain in simple words: Well, there are many things to eat in this world but, does it feel good if you don't know what benefits you get after eating?

Not much, because everyone wants to make a habit of eating good and high nutritional foods, therefore it is necessary for everyone to know all the benefits of eating those things.

So in this article, you will come to know about, benefits of eating lettuce, Nutrition in lettuce, why should we eat lettuce daily? lettuce vs.other vegetables, ways to eat lettuce.

Benefits of eating lettuce  1.weight loss benefit 
There are many vitamins present in lettuce and because of low calories, it is helpful for those who are suffering from overweight and consumption of this plant regularly is a great method of losing weight, just you need to do is eat this every day after taking your meal and you will see a good result.
2.Good for bones -
lettuce contains calcium and iron which is responsible for human bones, and t…

How to grow lettuce? Details about Growing lettuce

How to grow lettuce? Details Growing lettuce  All information about growing lettuce. If you want to grow lettuce and wish to learn the process for growing lettuce then you are at the right place, keep reading.
In this article you will learn about, growing lettuce, planting lettuce, how to grow lettuce, thinks to keep inmind for Growing lettuce, and other important details about growing lettuce.
How to grow lettuce? Growing lettuce Lettuce is an annual crop, it is known as one of the best vegetables among all others.

There are many benefits of eating lettuce.

Many people like to eat this plant because of its taste and healthy looks, but there are many people who want to eat but it's not available at their nearby market or they don't get the fresh one, so in this article I will cover everything by which you can grow it wherever you want, it can even be for commercial purposes or even for consumption.

Any type of soils are not suitable for growing it, there are some types of soils…

romaine lettuce- what is romaine lettuce? Know in this article

What is romaine lettuce? We all know that lettuce is a vegetable and it's good for health, but there are different types of lettuce, and in this article, we will talk about romaine lettuce, what Is romaine lettuce? How should we use it and why? is it good for our health? Benefits of eating lettuce

Keep reading this article you will understand in detail.

Romaine lettuce (cos lettuce ) It is a type of lettuce family also knows as Lactuca sativa.a variety of lettuce that is grown in a tall head of sturdy dark green leaves from firm ribs down the side of their center.

It is also a type of lettuce like others.
It was first grown in North America, many people of that country liked this plant because of its taste and it is also a healthy crop with good nutrition value in it.

In North America romaine was sold as “hearts”
There was a simple technique of selling, the farmers cut the roots and removed the upper leaves to increase to looking quality of its leaves and after that, they sold it in …