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How to grow lettuce? Details about Growing lettuce

How to grow lettuce? Details Growing lettuce 

All information about growing lettuce. If you want to grow lettuce and wish to learn the process for growing lettuce then you are at the right place, keep reading.

In this article you will learn about, growing lettuce, planting lettuce, how to grow lettuce, thinks to keep in mind for Growing lettuce, and other important details about growing lettuce.

Image of lettuce
Lettuce plant in fields 

How to grow lettuce? Growing lettuce

Lettuce is an annual crop, it is known as one of the best vegetables among all others.

There are many benefits of eating lettuce.

Many people like to eat this plant because of its taste and healthy looks, but there are many people who want to eat but it's not available at their nearby market or they don't get the fresh one, so in this article I will cover everything by which you can grow it wherever you want, it can even be for commercial purposes or even for consumption.

Any type of soils are not suitable for growing it, there are some types of soils which can hurt its plant and the plant will die before the growing process.

So in this article, I will also tell you that how can you grow lettuce even in unsuitable soils.

There are many types of lettuce, more than 10 types and all those are  almost same but different by color and taste, some are almost green and some are yellow, you can also find this of red color, but one thing is common in all these types, that they Need same climatic  condition, temperate, water, and air, all this are common for many types of lettuce.

Where can you find lettuce seeds?

If you want to grow lettuce plant then, of course, you need its seed, and the seeds are not available everywhere in the market and there are many companies of those seeds. you have to find the good quality one and it's very difficult. because if you are growing it the first time then you can't observe that whether the seeds are of good quality or not:

This is an important point which you must keep in mind, because seeds from many companies are not trusted, and you won't get good germination percentage.

But you don't need to worry, you can find best seeds somewhere on this page. And it will be delivered to your doorstep, buying online is a better choice if you want to grow lettuce at your home for consumption, and even for those who had not bought lettuce seeds before.

online is more trusted then offline. but if you are already a lettuce cultivator then you can buy offline from shops.

Below are the given steps for growing lettuce plant - there are two types of cultivation.
A. Large scale cultivation (commercial purposes )
B.consumption purposes (for growing at home )

The first discussed method is for commercial purposes only. you can obtain ideas by reading.

The first process of growing lettuce (for large scale commercial purposes)

Small part of land with lettuce plant
A small part of the land with lettuce plant 

After purchasing the seeds you need a small part of the land where you can sow all the seeds together. the size of land varies from the number of seeds you want to sow. example if you have 10 grams of lettuce seeds then you need 2 square meters of land, and if you have more seeds then calculate with the given date and according to that, you prepare the land.

Methods to be followed For growing lettuce.

  • After you select the part of the land you will have to water it lightly and keep it idle for some hours (6 hours recommend) after that loosen the soil three times and leave it for two days.
  • After two days loosen the soil again, add some natural fertilizers or artificial DAP, which will help seeds to grow well. then you have to mix those fertilizers and your field is ready now u can throw the seeds here.
  • But before one day of throwing the seeds on that small land, you will have to keep the seeds in water for nearly 8 hours you can keep at night and at morning or in the day you can throw the seeds. And it doesn't matter if you keep the seeds in water for more then 8 hours. You don't need to worry about that .and this process is needed because when you keep seeds in water then it becomes soft and absorbs some water which results in early germination of seeds.
  • Throw the seeds in that small field.
  • Now make the field plane with the help of some tools. and after that keep some long weeds upside the part of the land so that the seeds will germinate soon by getting hot .and after one day you keep checking the field, when you found that seeds are coming up then you can remove the big weeds and water the seeds again. keep on watering daily.
  • Make a small safety house to save those grown seeds. (it can be made with a big mosquito net)
  • Keep a check on weeds and remove them 
  • After some weeks when seeds grow up to 3-4 inches you can take it to the main field and sow it.
  • Before taking out the seeds from the small land, you will have to water it so that it will become loose and come out without hurting the roots.

Suitability of soil for growing lettuce 

After purchasing seeds you will need a good part of the land where you can grow the plant,  and you must know the conditions of soil for growing lettuce, because if you think that you can grow this plant same as other crops then you are wrong.

It is a  crop which grows very fast as compared to other crops. it uses to become ready very soon. if you full fill all required conditions given in this article then your lettuce plant will be ready just after a month. And if you don't take proper care then it may take up to two months.
Follow the steps given below 

  1. First of all water the field - watering the part of the land where you want to grow lettuce, it will make the soil fertile and ready for a good plowing. 
  2. Plough the field three to four times in nearly 3 days - make sure that the soil is totally loosened and it feels smooth when you touch it and if not then it must look fertile (eg. See the image given below )
  3. Apply natural (organic) fertilizers like animals dung, dried leaves, ashes and died plants.
  4. After applying fertilizers plow the field one time (if possible )-  it will mix the fertilizers totally with soils which results in a better production.
  5. Removal of weeds - ensure that all the harmful weeds are removed before sowing the plants in the fields.
  6. After removal of weeds, keep the soil idle for one day and the next day you plane up the field and sow the plants.

Method of a sowing lettuce plant in the field 

There are some points which you must keep in mind before sowing the plant into the field. follow those steps. all the steps are easy and simple you just have to understand once after that you will learn yourself when you grow lettuce successfully. Follow the steps given below 

1.make equal lines 

Before planting the plant into the field you will have to make equal lines keep a space of 12 centimeters on all over the field, each line should be straight and the distance of 12 cm is for the betterment and healthy growth of the lettuce plant.

the plants will get equal nutrition to grow and it will also get air freely because of the space that is given through lines. you must give a space of 8 inches between each plant on lines.
(See figure )
How to grow lettuce ? Growing lettuce
How to grow lettuce? Growing lettuce 

2.ensure they the field is dug above 5 centimeters (or inches )

This plant is very soft and it breaks easily because of its softness and you will have dig it's rooted on nearly 2 to  3 centimeters deep, the whole roots should be inside the earth and the stem should be up, don't let stems go inside the earth. it will help the plant to obtain nutrition from the soil without and disturbances.

3. Watering the lettuce plant after planting 

So you planted the plant on the fields now the only thing which you have to do is water them, supply water manually on each plant or you can use water pump machines to supply water in all over the lettuce field.  Don't let the water go over. When you see that water has reached the last end from the first end, then stop the machine.

After watering the plants do this thing 

When you see that the plants have taken its growing stages you will have to see for the unwanted plants (weeds )that grow on the fields automatically. Remove them so that the all nutrition of the field will be gained by the main crop.

Loosen the soil again, after 25 to 30 days it will help the plant to obtain Nutrition freely from the soil. This is very important in case of any crops, loosening the soil is a mid-process in the cultivation of any vegetable crop

Things to be kept in mind while loosening lettuce field 

  • While loosening the soil, don't make big pieces of soil, try to keep it smaller so that the soil doesn't get UN fertile. This happens when you make big pieces of soil then it will dry very soon and it loses water when it gets sunlight, so try to be careful.
  • Loose the soil with small and suitable tools- there are many gardening tools which are used in loosening the soils, but for lettuce field, you will have to use small tools which can loosen the soil as required by the plant.
  • Don't hurt lettuce's roots- because roots are very soft, almost like it's leaves and while loosening if you cut some roots of lettuce plant then the plant may die or it will not grow well. So while loosening the lettuce field use the tools in the upper layer of soil only.

Water them again - this will increase the growth of the plant. And after water, you will see a boost on the growth of lettuce plant.

So when you see that the plant is totally ready .you can cut them for use. it is the last process of lettuce cultivation.
How to grow lettuce plant ?
Planting lettuce 

Ways to grow lettuce at home (for consumption)

So if you want to grow lettuce plant at your home then it's much easier, you just need to follow some simple steps. by this method, you can use a small part of the land to grow lettuce at home. Follow the steps given below.
  1. Ready a part of soil you can use simple gardening tools, first of all, dig the field two times it must be loosened properly.
  2. Add natural manures in the soil and mix with the soil.
  3. After loosening the field water it lightly and keep it idle for 6 hours. and after that again dig the soil, make it totally loosen.
  4. Take two days in this process
  5. After that ready the lettuce seeds by keeping it on the water for a night 
  6. Next morning plane up the soil and throw the lettuce seeds in a distance of 8 centimeters.
  7. Then leave it for some days, you can also cover the part of the land with weeds. and remove them after two days 
  8. When the seeds grow up water them and keep an eye on them.
  9. After 20 days, remove all the weeds that grow along with the plant.
  10. After some days nearly 30 days, you can break lettuce leaves and use it for consumption. Keep on doing this some for nearly 2 months. and withing this time you could easily plant lettuce in other fields to continue the consumption of lettuce.

Ways to grow lettuce on a pot.

  1. First of all, bring a pot where you have to plant lettuce, the pot should not be broken 
  2. After that put some soil inside the pot ...the soil should be clean there should be no weeds.
  3. Pour water on the soil and keep it fit some hours after that dig the soil and mix some fertilizers there.
  4. Make lettuce seeds read by keeping it on the water for a night.
  5. Next morning saw the seeds in the pot, nearly half inches deep not more than that 
  6. Keep the pot in sun for some hours after that bring it in a cool place.
  7. After some days you will see the seeds growing, then you can take care of it by applying water removing the weeds and loosening the soil, keep one thing on your mind that the lettuce roots should not be hurt.
  8. When you see that the lettuce look ready then you can break its leaves and take it for use, keep on breaking it's leaves because lettuce is used like that when we grow lettuce at home.
Now all the process of growing lettuce had been covered in this article, I hope I was able to make people understand in deep about growing lettuce, whether for commercial purposes or even for consumption purpose.

There are some more things which you must know about growing lettuce.

Mixed farming of lettuce 

You can even cultivate lettuce along with other crops, it's very easy to grow lettuce along with other crops, you just need little idea about that which is provided in this article below. understand properly and try once after that you will know the process for your whole life.

At first, you have to make the part of land ready where you want to grow two or more crops at once. by plowing the field and applying fertilizers and removal of weeds.
After that, you have to show the seeds of those crops which is growing in one field without and transportation.throw the seeds.

Then you can plant lettuce on that field use the process which is mentioned in this article.
After plantation of lettuce plants, water them and leave idle for one day.

After one day you can sow other crops in the middle of two lines of lettuce plants. like this you can do, mixed farming in a lettuce field.
Growing lettuce
Images show the mixed family in a lettuce field 

How to plant lettuce if your area is not suitable for it?

This is a big problem, there are many places in this Earth where cultivation of different crops are  not possible, the people of that area have to depend on the market only, they have to buy everything which they want to eat, whether it is fresh or unhealthy, they will have to buy it if they want.

Here I will add some points which will help you to grow lettuce in any region.

Bring suitable soil from other places and put inside a pot. it will help you to grow any crop at your home. Water the soil regularly so that it will not lose its fertile properties.

You can sow the plants on the pot.
Keep on changing the location of the pots so that it will get it's required climatic condition.

If you want more information about this process then comment us.we will try to reach you very soon.

We are professional researchers every information that is given by us, are totally true and we have used that method a lot of times, there are many processes but the best process we experienced is one which is given in this article.

Why should we grow lettuce more than other vegetables?

There are many vegetables which can be grown easily at home, or even for commercial purposes, and we have different types of vegetables to grow at our home, but do you know which plant gives you more value for your time, money and labor? well, I would like to mention here that lettuce could give you more value for your all efforts on growing it.

Some advantages of growing lettuce are given below 

  • Less time is taken for soil to get ready for lettuce planting - if you are a farmer or you just like gardening for consumption purposes, then you might have noticed that lettuce field take less time to become ready for cultivation.
  • Low harvesting time- lettuce is a plant which grows very fast as compared with other vegetables, well some grow faster than lettuce but they will lag behind when compared with lettuce in nutrition and taste, so we don't compare them with lettuce but with other vegetables which are popular and useful. lettuce can be harvested as soon as it's leaves are ready to eat so you can easily plant other vegetables on that field after harvesting lettuce.
  • Weightless crop- well it is already discussed of the facts of lettuce.generally there are a lot of vegetables to grow but you can prefer lettuce because it's very light and doesn't give you much burden for carrying it.
  • Free from warms and insects- under 5 years of research we didn't found many insects which can hurt lettuce, but in case of other vegetables, there are a lot of pasts to harm them.

How to harvest lettuce?

After growing lettuce, you will have to take it for use and harvesting any crop is very easy by the things varies from time, maturity, ways to harvest, means of use.
Below are the given rules to follow in the process of harvesting lettuce, follow them carefully.

  • Times for harvesting lettuce- there are many types of lettuce and according to their climatic condition requirements only, we have to plant and harvest them. lettuce can be harvested as soon as its leaves become ready to eat. you can break lettuce leaves to sell or consumption. for selling, you will have to make bundles of lettuce leaves and sell them at market price.
  • Lettuce leaves can be easily broken with hands because it's very soft and you can easily break it without applying much force on it, many people break lettuce leaves with their hands but this a wrong way of harvesting lettuce! Whenever you break lettuce leaves,
  •  just look at the steams of the plant you will find that some of the skin of lettuce plant has been taken out by you while breaking the leaves.
  • Use suitable tools like scissors for cutting lettuce leaves which will keep lettuce plant health and fresh and it will also help the plant to last long and will provide good production.
  • Breaking leaves is the best way to enjoy the benefits of a lettuce plant, but after you see that the plant is becoming longer than you should cut the plant and use it.
  • For selling purpose you can either cut the plant directly without breaking its leaves or you can break the leaves, it depends on the market situation of your area.
  • But for consumption purpose, you must break lettuce leaves for use so that you can take advantage of a lettuce plant for a long time.
  • Lettuce must be harvested before it gets discolor and tasteless, by the way, lettuce is always eatable whether it is young or old, you will only find the difference on its taste but that doesn't matter much, because you will get the same nutrition value.

Final words(conclusion)

All the information given in this article is based on true experience. in this article, we have tried to mention all the experience that we had on growing lettuce.

Follow the steps given in this article, if you don't understand properly then you must go for more readings, and you will find a better solution to your problems.

If you think that I have missed any process, then feel free to leave a comment below with your idea.

For any questions comment us.

Thank you for reading this article. Share your views with us, and also share this article with your friends to let them know about "HOW TO GROW LETTUCE? METHODS OF GROWING LETTUCE"


aims to let people learn everything about lettuce in details.

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