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All types of lettuce explained in details (with comparison)

All types of lettuce explained in details (with comparison)

Different types of lettuce explained in details - people may know about lettuce, but still, there are many, who don't know about - all types of lettuce and different lettuce types.
types of lettuce explained in details. (with comparison)
types of lettuce explained in details. (with comparison)

So in this article, I will explain in details about every lettuce and compare them with each other, and at last, you will come to know about all the types.

Before we go to the main topic, let's know something about lettuce, 

Lettuce is a salad plant, well it can be used in many other recipes and meals, but the meaning of word "lettuce" stands for salad.

It is known that lettuce was first discovered by the Greeks and Romans.

This plant is grown in almost all country where agriculture is practiced within the country.

Nearly 50 % of lettuce consumers are from America, because of it's nutritional value and health benefits.

Different Types of lettuce 

There are more than 15 types of lettuce available in our environment, but some of them are not original but we can say them as lettuce because they belong to the same family.

In this article, I will mention 10 types of lettuce which are actually known as lettuce only.

1. leaf  lettuce

Leaf lettuce
Leaf lettuce

It is the most common one, found around us. The leaves are loose and smooth but unfortunately, it doesn't contain the head, but the structure of leaf lettuce is much beautiful and attractive than any other type of lettuce.

This type of plants is of three colors - yellow, red, dark green. You can go for any color you like but yellow leaf lettuce is highly recommended because according to our research, it was found that it grows taller and bare more leafs then the one with other colors.

Red leaf grows with the same techniques and materials required in case of growing any type of leaf lettuce.

Green leaf - some changes can be made while applying fertilizers because it can grow without many fertilizers, as required by other types of leaf lettuce.

Yellow leaf - it grows taller and gives much more productive when compared with other types of leaf lettuce.

Why choose leaf lettuce?

  • It is very trusted, many people would like to choose leaf lettuce because it's good looking than others
  • Can be grown at most of the climatic conditions 
  • Leaves are very smooth and soft.
  • Gives more production than any other.
  • Healthiest food - leaf lettuce is used in many types of recipes. (including burger, pizza, and sandwiches)
  • It is available in three colors, whereas others are on limited colors,
  • Suitable for "cut and come again" (after harvesting, the plant continues to bare some leaves which can be used again) process.
The disadvantage of leaf lettuce:
  1. Leaf lettuce cannot be stored for a long period of time,
  2. If stored outdoor for more then six hours; it will be no fresher,
  3. Needs extra care for storing and  transportation,
  4. Must be used within 24 hours of harvesting if stored normally without any cooling effect.

2. Iceburg lettuce 

Iceburg lettuce
Iceburg lettuce
This is the one which contains the head and it's almost same as cabbage when we compare it with the structure of both. 

Iceburg is popular because of its head which is likely to many people who loves lettuce at their meal.

It is not as tasty as others, but you can store it more than any other, because it is tightly packed, and the head doesn't get tired, but before storing you can remove the outer leaves.

Why choose iceburg lettuce?

It can be stored twice the time of other lettuce, which is a great option for those who don't want to visit the market every single day,
It contains head which is again a plus point for iceburg lettuce.
The leaves are crisps and it feels better when added to a salad.

Disadvantages of iceburg;

It is much heavier than any other lettuce, that's because of its head, which is tightly packed.
You can't find the same flavor on iceburg when compared with any other, and because of this reason, many people don't choose iceburg lettuce.

3. Romaine lettuce

Romaine lettuce
Romaine lettuce

Romaine is not available in every country, it is rarely found in some limited places only, by its name, we get an idea that it was discovered by romaine.

It grows taller even from small plant to matured age it looks taller, because the leaves and the plant grow up words only, and this the difference which makes romaine lettuce look different from others.

Romaine is usually of green and dark green colors, but the stems look whitest yellow.

It can also be found in some more colors but are not much popular as leaf lettuce.

It is costly then leaf lettuce because of it's less availability.

Why choose romaine lettuce?

  • Romaine is the strongest lettuce, it can be grown even in high temperatures whereas others cannot be.
  • It has a sweet and bitter taste.
  • Highly consumed lettuce in some developing countries.
  • When compared with others, romaine lettuce has a better taste.
  • It has crisps leaves which can add extra crunch at your salad.

Disadvantages of romaine:

  1. It has dark green leaves which is not much attractive as others.
  2. Romaine lettuce is also known as devil's lettuce because,
  3. Some romaine lettuce contains E. Coil bacteria and,
  4. At an early period, many people got affected by the infection of E. Coil bacteria.
  5. Still, science is not sure that the consumption of romaine is safe or not,
  6. Direct consumption of romaine may still be dangerous,
  7. Romaine is not as trusted as others.
  8. It doesn't stay fresh for a long time after it has been harvested.
  9. It has to be cared for properly while transportation.

4.celtuce lettuce

Celtuce lettuce
Celtuce lettuce

This is quite different than others because for others the part which is eaten is, leaves but in celtuce, we have to eat steams along with leaves.

The main aim for growing is for consuming its steams, not the leaves but since there is no problem in leaves, people eat them as regular lettuce.

The steam grows up to 15- 20 centimeters and the diameter of the steams use to be 3 - 4 cm.

Steam can be eaten either in salads or by cooking as regular vegetables and the same goes with its leaves.

It can be grown either by seeds or steam, but while growing from the steams, the main aim is to get leaves only.

It is highly cultivated in China.

Why choose celtuce lettuce?

There are many reasons to choose celtuce, 

  • If you like to eat vegetables with steams then celtuce is the best choice for you.
  • Steams are only available on celtuce, no other types can give this benefit
  • Leaves are almost the same as leaf lettuce, with a yellowish color.
  • It can be stored for a long duration if the aim is to eat steam only.
  • It can be transported for a long distance and that also without losing much freshness.
Disadvantages of celtuce;
  1. Celtuce is not suitable for growing in any climatic condition and soil.
  2. The high amount of water is needed to grow celtuce,
  3. It doesn't provide a high amount of leaves which is the main feature of lettuce, that is present in many other lettuces.

5. Radicchio lettuce

Radicchio lettuce
Radicchio lettuce

This is red in color, with white lines in it. This is the variety of green leafy vegetables which lasts for a long time and it can give more production.

There are some more related types of radicchio, and all those are famous in Italy.

The taste is different from others, it feels bitter and spicy.

If you are confused between red cabbage and radicchio, then you must keep in mind that, cabbage and lettuce are far different from each other in taste, so don't be confused by their colors.

This lettuce has got head in some of its types, but the head is very lightweight then red cabbage.

It can be eaten raw or even by cooking like others, but you will get the perfect value for this lettuce when you use them in sandwiches, pasta, and burgers.

Why choose radicchio?

There are many interesting reasons for which you can choose radicchio.
  • If you are looking for a colorful salad then you can go for this because it makes your salad look professional.
  • There are many types of this, just like leaf lettuce and you can choose any of them for you.
  • If you are looking for redhead lettuce then radicchio will be the best choice for you, especially when you look for taste with beauty.
  • The leaves are soft and crisps.
  • It becomes ready for harvest after 3 - weeks of the plantation.
Disadvantages of radicchio;

If you are looking for sweet and healthy lettuce then this is not  for you because of its bitter taste and,
If you want fresh lettuce then you may not be able to consume this because many people fail to grow it at their home, while other types can easily be grown at home,
This is not available everywhere, you will find it only on some limited place and countries only, so why not to go for others?
This is available in Italy, in high amount but not in other countries, in some countries you won't even find its name also,
When you buy this lettuce from the market, it's not totally fresh.

6. Butter lettuce

Butter lettuce
Butter lettuce

It feels little premium when we hear the word "butter lettuce" since the name defines that the lettuce is as same as butter, when you eat butter it melts very fast in your mouth and there's nothing to chew, same goes with this, when you eat, it melts very fast.

It can also be called as crisps head,  the leaves are formed in a structure of the head, even the whole plant looks like ahead, which can be clearly seen on iceburg lettuce.

Butter lettuce forms a loosehead, it is compact and round-shaped lettuce, the leaves are very soft and shiny.

Again there are three types of better lettuce but, they have got some difference for which people call them from different names.

Advantages of butter lettuce,

Butter lettuce is available in large amount, 
It can be grown easily without many efforts.

There are three types of better lettuce, you can easily choose one of them as your choice.

It tastes sweet and slightly bitter, that taste well in salads.

Butter lettuce is the best for making salads because it melts totally in your mouth.

Disadvantages of butter lettuce;

Butter lettuce is known as the softest one, so it has got some disadvantage if you choose,
While harvesting butter lettuce, you need to take proper care of its leaves or it will look unhealthy.

While transportation, you will have to pack it very lightly and with proper care or? You know what will happen.

This lettuce cannot be stored for a long time,
While cooking, leaves melt and you won't feel the taste well.

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harvesting lettuce - Proper ways to harvest and plant lettuce

Harvesting lettuce - So you have cultivated lettuce successfully, but what's the benefit if you don't know the proper ways to harvest lettuce and plant lettuce? It's all waste of your time and effort.
Proper ways to harvest and plant lettuce- harvesting lettuce
Proper ways to harvest and plant lettuce- harvesting lettuce

Keep reading this article to avoid those mistake and improper ways, that people use while harvesting lettuce.

There are many benefits of eating lettuce so, people prefer to grow lettuce at home, and they must know the proper ways to harvest lettuce.

Lettuce is a lightweight and attractive vegetable, which is grown in almost all countries, everyone like to consume it, but cultivators must know the proper way to harvest so that they can get a good result and knowledge about it.

Table of contents:

  1. Things to keep in mind before harvesting lettuce,
  2. How to harvest lettuce?
  3. How to harvest lettuce seeds?
  4. Warnings while harvesting,
  5. What to do after harvesting?
  6. Time of harvesting lettuce?
  7. How to care before harvesting?
  8. Planting lettuce,
  9. Best types of lettuce to grow
  10. Lettuce seeds