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harvesting lettuce - Proper ways to harvest and plant lettuce

So you have cultivated lettuce successfully, but what's the benefit if you don't know the proper ways to harvest lettuce and plant lettuce? It's all waste of your time and effort.
Proper ways to harvest and plant lettuce- harvesting lettuce
Proper ways to harvest and plant lettuce- harvesting lettuce

Keep reading this article to avoid those mistake and improper ways, that people use while harvesting lettuce.

There are many benefits of eating lettuce so, people prefer to grow lettuce at home, and they must know the proper to harvest lettuce.

Lettuce is a light weight and attractive vegetable, which is grown in almost all countries, everyone like to consume lettuce, but cultivators must know the proper way to harvest lettuce, so that they can get a good result and knowledge about it.

Table of contents:

  1. Things to keep in mind before harvesting lettuce,
  2. How to harvest lettuce lettuce?
  3. How to harvest lettuce seeds?
  4. Warnings while harvesting lettuce,
  5. What to do after harvesting lettuce ?
  6. Time of harvesting lettuce?
  7. How to care for lettuce before harvesting?
  8. Planting lettuce,
  9. Best types of lettuce to grow
  10. Lettuce seeds

 1.Things to keep in mind before harvesting lettuce;

Lettuce cultivation is a profitable business, lots of agriculturist are making big profit from lettuce.

Let's discuss about harvesting lettuce for business (commercial) purpose.

  • Lettuce can be sold either by breaking its leaves or by cutting the whole plant.
  • In the early stages of lettuce: breaking its leaves will give more production, because you can break is leaves and take it for use and after a couple of days, the plant will bare new leaves which can be broken again.
  • Those leaves can be sold by making bundles and the cost of each bundle, depends on the market price, quality of lettuce leaves and  type of lettuce.
  • Lettuce plant becomes ready for harvesting, hardly after two months of growing. This is because the leaves becomes ready.
    Size of lettuce for harvesting
    Time to harvest lettuce
  • Lettuce plant must be ready for harvesting, when the roots flourish easily inside the soil, it get much nutrition which will continue the harvesting process without any problem.
  • If lettuce plant doesn't get enough nutrition, it can die very soon when the leaves are being broken continuously. So make sure that you add required amount of fertilizers in the lettuce field before sowing the plant.
  • Only fresh leaves are use able, remove all the unhealthy leaves when you select lettuce leaves.
  • Cutting whole plant for commercial purpose, is a common practice, many people like to buy whole plant rather then leaves.
  • You can cut those plants whose leaves are already broken and used. When the plant becomes old, you should cut them and take it for use.
  • Cutting the whole plant directly means, you will get the price per plant at once only, after selling those plants, you will have to grow new lettuce plants.
  • Lettuce plant should be harvested during morning, so that it can stay fresher for a long time.
  • Lettuce must be sent to the original consumer after 36 hours of cutting the plant.
  • Lettuce plant keep on growing, and it must be harvested before the plant becomes long and colourless. 

2. How to harvest lettuce ?

Harvesting lettuce
Harvesting lettuce

There are many ways of harvesting lettuce, it depends upon you and your usage.

There are two types of lettuce usage: for consumption and for commercial purpose 

Follow the steps given below to harvest lettuce.

  • Lettuce is a soft and crisp crop, therefore it must be harvested during morning so that it would stay fresh for long time.
  • In many places, lettuce leaves are used for consumption, no need of cutting the whole plant directly, so you can break lettuce leaves for usage and let the plant grow.
  • To take off the lettuce leaves you can use scissors and other cutting tools, don't break it with your hand or it may have a negative impact on the lettuce plant.
  • The exact time taken by lettuce plant to become ready for harvest is, more than two months.
  • While taking off the lettuce leaves, keep an eye on the plant, it must not get any disturbance which can lead to slow growth of the lettuce plant.
  • Don't cut the leaves if the field is watered, or else the plant will die, or it will have a slow growth which can lead to low production.
  • If you have grow lettuce plant to bare seeds from the plant, then you should not take out any leaf from the plant, so that it can grow well and have a good amount of seeds in it.
  • Lettuce must be harvested before it become old- one with discoloured leaves and unhealthy looks.
  • While you are cutting lettuce plant, make sure to leave some of the stems because, the plant will bare some small lettuce leaves on it, and you can also take advantage of those leafs but this process is not available for each types of lettuce.
  • Cutting lettuce leaves is highly recommend because it allow you to make more profit.
  • There are some types of lettuce which contain head, and you can't break their leaves or it won't be able to make head.

3. How to harvest lettuce seeds ?

Well, we have already learn about harvesting lettuce plant but, do you know how to harvest lettuce seeds? Lettuce seeds are quite costly and its annoying to buy seeds regularly.

You can harvest lettuce seeds to avoid wasting your money on buying lettuce seeds regularly, but the seeds which are harvested at home, are not suitable for every land and climatic condition, however you must have a try.

Whenever a lettuce plant become old it produces seeds flower which can be cared so that it can give matured seeds which will be ready to be shown again.
Harvesting lettuce seeds
Harvesting lettuce seeds

But it's not that easy to get lettuce seeds from the plant because a lots of problems occurs while the plant gets old, it has to face strong wind, rainfall and many other situations but there are five steps by which we can easily safe our lettuce plant from any situation.

  1. Make sure that the lettuce plant is near you or your area, you must keep an eye on the plant to make sure that the plant is totally safe from birds. And you can also water the plant so that it keeps the seeds healthy.
  2. Make a temporary, transparent circle around the plants so that it will stay safe from strong wind, and also try to cover it from upper side which will secure the plant from rainfall.
  3. When you see that the roots are coming up and are visible then you must put some soil to cover the roots, which will prevent the plant from falling down. 
  4. After the plant get dried, you take break the upper stems and take out the lettuce seeds from there.
  5. Take the seeds out from the peel and keep it on a container where the seeds will stay safe from any pasts or micro organisms. Store the seeds for more then one month, after that only the seeds will be ready to be shown again.

4. Warnings while harvesting lettuce 

Of course you can harvest lettuce by any method you like but there are some simple mistakes that you should avoid while harvesting lettuce, in order to get a good production and proper knowledge about harvesting lettuce. 

Don't use any any chemical before harvesting lettuce, or it will be harmful for those who consume the lettuce.

While harvesting lettuce don't pack it tight, or else you will found a rotten and tired lettuce when you oped the packed bag, after that your mood for eating lettuce will go  very far from you.

Make sure to remove the old leave from the lettuce plant or while cutting the leaves, this will increase the freshness of your lettuce.

Use proper gloves while using tools for cutting lettuce, I have got many small cuts in hands while cutting lettuce without gloves, but if you cut properly and slowly then there is nothing to worry for.

Wash lettuce thoroughly before use, it must not contain any dust particles. The white fluid that you see while cutting lettuce, is also sticky and you won't like to carry lettuce if the fluid get spread on the leaves.

5. What to do after harvesting lettuce ?

So you took out all the lettuce had and used it. But is it the last benefit you will get from lettuce plant ? No! You can still get some small lettuce leaves after you trim the plant.(cut and come again process.)

One thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to leave some of the stems in the lettuce field so that it can grow again with small lettuce leaves, and this leaves are smaller then the main head, but it can be used again, although it is smaller in size but you can you it, it taste as same as the main plant.

Keep watering the plant regularly so that it can grow again with good quantity of leaves.

You can remove the weeds that grows around the lettuce plant, and loosen the soil for the better growth of the small leaves.

6. What is the Exact time for harvesting lettuce?

Once you have grown lettuce, you need to water them, remove the weeds and other cares that the plant need.

After 2 months of growing lettuce, it will become ready for harvest, but it depends on the growth of the plant, it must have grown about 6 to 8 inches or above.

Some types of lettuce are not able to grow such long, but they produce a head, and by looking at the lettuce you can decide its harvesting time. Those types of lettuce can be harvested when the head becomes ready.

For cutting leaves you can start harvesting lettuce after 30-40 days of planting lettuce.

7. How to take care of lettuce before harvesting?

For a better and profitable harvesting, you will have to grow lettuce and take better care of it. And this is very important because lettuce plant cannot grow well if it is not cared well.

We had an experiment on lettuce, and there we tried to grow lettuce without proper care to see how the plant survives?

And the result was disappointing, it was found that the plant gave up to grow and took its last stage, that is flowering without proper height and leaves.

Follow the simple steps which given below, to care for lettuce plant before harvesting ?

  • After planting lettuce  into the fields, keep watering after each 2 days, but don't let the field become watery.
  • As you water the field, some weeds will come out remove all the weeds because they consume the nutrition required by the lettuce plant.
  • Loosen the soil periodically, it will allow the plant to obtain required amount of nutrition from the soil.
  • Break cut the outer leaves of the plant, to allow it to grow without any disturbance.
  • Lettuce is not effected by many insect, but in case of yours if needed then use nature friendly insecticides.

8. Planting  lettuce 

In order to plant lettuce, you need to understand the process in details, for which  I already have created an article on "how to grow lettuce?"  Must read if you are seriously about planting lettuce.

Lettuce plantation is quite simple and easy but it needs some useful steps to grow well.

  • First of all you will have to select good quality seeds.
  • After that select a small part of land to throw lettuce seeds there.
  • Now water the seeds let it grow well.
  • Apply fertilizers at the main field where you want to grow lettuce.
  • Then take it on main field and so there at a distance between 7-8 centimeters.
  • Keep on watering the field to avoid drought.

9. Best types of lettuce to grow

1. Leaf lettuce- 

this is one of the common lettuce grow in almost every country where agriculture is possible,and it is also one of the beautiful looking lettuce. There are three colours of leaf lettuce, yellow, red, green.

If you want to grow lettuce for consumption at your home, then leaf lettuce will be the best choice because there are many advantages of growing leaf lettuce.

2. Iceburg lettuce 

Iceburg lettuce is dark green in colour, and it contains head which is quite attractive.

The outer leaves of iceburg lettuce is a little better then what's in the middle, and it's recommend to grow at home or even for commercial purpose because of it's strength to grow even without much care as needed by other types of lettuce.

3.romaine lettuce -

 you can also grow romaine lettuce at home but I don't recommend you hardly, because it's as tasty like others and the duration of this lettuce is also very less.

10. Lettuce seeds

Lettuce seeds
Images shows: lettuce seeds

Lettuce seeds are very smaller in size, to grow lettuce, we have to throw germinate lettuce seeds first, and for that an small area of land is used.

There are many types of lettuce seeds, including, read leaf lettuce's seeds, Romaine lettuce seeds, lead Lettuce seeds and much more, if you just want to taste all the leaves all once then you can get all the seeds in one packed easily, check below this article you will find to link to get those seeds.

I have mentioned all the best quality seeds, feel free to go for.


This article is created to help people who want to know about "harvesting lettuce" some more information is added in this article to let people know something more useful.

All the information given in this article, are based on true research and experiments.

We don't recommend people to use any king of inorganic insecticides and pesticides.

If you feel that we have missed any point or if you have any queries regarding this article; feel free to leave a comment it will help me to provide more useful content to people.

Thank you for reading.