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Proper ways to germinate lettuce seeds - all about lettuce

Proper ways to germinate lettuce seeds

Germination of lettuce
Germination of lettuce

Information about germinating lettuce
Lettuce seed germination
Lettuce seed germination

In this article you will learn all the proper ways to germinate lettuce seeds, so keep reading this article because you are going to learn my experiences which I had in the process of germinating lettuce and growing lettuce.

First of all, I would like to clarify that all the information given in this article are based on a true experience, and I'm not going to mention any artificial method of germinating lettuce,

Here you will find best and true methods which will really help you, and it can be used whether to grow lettuce at home or at any other field.

Ways to germinate lettuce

Follow all the given methods below, you can also apply the same method if you want to grow lettuce on a pot, but there will be extra guidance for germinating lettuce at a pot, so you can go through the step 2 which is mentioned after step 1.

Step 1

1. Choose beat quality lettuce seeds

First of all, choose the best quality of lettuce seeds which can be grown easily without any artificial chemicals - you can find best quality seeds offline at your nearest seeds market, make sure to choose a good quality seed, if you are confused then comment below, I will respond you with a good quality lettuce seed company, or you can find it somewhere in this page.

Seeds are very important as you know, and as you wish, you can choose any types of lettuce which you want to grow, there are a lot of them.

Select a small area of land where you can sow the lettuce seeds.

Sowing lettuce seeds directly to the main field is not that effective as this, so you need a small area where you can easily sow the seeds.

But if you have a small number of seeds and you don't want migration of the plants from one place to another, then also you can, but sow little quantity of seeds at once so that the plant will get enough nutrition without migration.

You can sow nearly ten grams of seeds under an area of one square meter of land, and you can calculate the given date according to the number of seeds.

Keep in mind that that part of land should not be drought, or over watered, ya, water is ignorable but the drought will make your seeds disappeared from the soil.

So I hope this part is clear, but if you have any doubt then please comment to me, I'm always here for your help.

Loose the soil

Now you have to lose the soil wisely so that it gets totally ready for the growth of lettuce seeds,

Keep the soil loosing for 2-5 days, each day you will find some improvements, and hence, your field is becoming suitable.

Don't forget to add some fertilizers in the soil, natural fertilizers are enough for the seed growth.

After losing the soil for 2-5 days, you have to water it lightly so that it becomes smooth and fertile, don't water it hardly or it will take more days to become suitable again.

Remove all the weeds from the soil

This is must in order to let the soil become totally ready, and let the seeds grow without any obstacles, and weeds removal is must at any type of cultivation.

Don't remove the died weeds which can become fertilizer for the soil, so remove the unwanted weeds only.

Is can be done manually because a small part of land won't take much effort, or if you have any other technique then you can follow it.

Label the soil

After doing all the given process, now you have to label the soil, it must look premium, ya! Premium.

Labeling is an important process so don't miss, it doesn't take many efforts,

Break the big blocks of soil

When you label the soil, you will find that still there are some big blocks of land which can stop the seed to flourish and obtain nutrition from the soil, so break those part of the soil and make it into small pieces so that your seeds don't get disturbed.

Ready the seeds

After getting you to soil ready for the growth of the seeds, now you have to do some work for your seeds to become ready for growing.

Open the packet of seeds and leave them in open for few minutes and after that put them in water for nearly 6-12 hours,

Now take out the seeds after the given  time and let it get some fresh air for nearly 10-20 minutes,

Now your seeds are ready to be thrown into the field.

Sowing process

Sow the seeds carefully so that it gets distributed properly among the given area of land, it must be thrown equally all over the part.

Now after throwing the seed, you have to do something by which the seeds gets inside the soil, and it's very important, because seeds will grow only when it gets inside, or it led to a small Germination percentage of seeds.

You can label the soil by which the process can be done easily and your seeds will be done. 

But you can also use some gardening tools to let your seeds inside the soil, it's very easy, just try to cover the seeds with soil, don't let it go dipper.

This is very simple because your aim is to cover the seeds with soil, but not to take it dipper!

And if you face any problem with this then you can comment below with your problem, I will make you totally clear with the solution.

This process of sowing lettuce seed into the field is completed.

Process after sowing the seeds

Now you have to cover the soil in order to save it from natural attacks, like rain, temperature, and moisture.

So you will have to cover the soil with some weeds or something like that because it will give you two benefits;
  • It will save your seeds from being attacked by natural causes.
  • It will help the seeds to grow by maintaining the required amount of temperature.
You have to keep an eye on the seeds, when you see that it started growing then you have to remove the cover, and water it.

Likewise it Will keeps on growing and you will have to do some simple things like:

  • Keep on watering the seeds every day, don't water it hardly but, lightly.
  • Keep on removing the weed which grows along with the seeds,
  • Make a shelter for the whole seed, you will have to make some cover from upper side of the soil, nearly 1 meter above the soil, so that it can get fresh air but not too much of water through rain and Will also safe it from temperature, you can use anything available with you, to make an air cover for the soil.
  • When the seeds grow above two inches then you can remove the cover.

And after 30- 40 days, seeds will become ready to be sown! Now take the plants into the main field, or you can let it grow there if you want but, it should not be much crowded, each plant should have enough gap so that it can grow easily.
Lettuce after growing
Lettuce after growing 

Or you can also take the plant on a pot.

Step 2

In this step, I will say you the process by which you can germinate lettuce seeds on a pot.

This is a very easy and short process.

  • First of all, you have to arrange fertile soil on a pot, make sure that the pot is bigger enough to grow a lettuce plant then,
  • You will have to make the seeds ready, here you can use few seeds per pot, 
  • Loosen and label the soil and add some fertilizers on it.
  • Water the soil lightly before one day of sowing the seeds.
  • Make the seeds ready, by the process I mentioned in this article, or you can just put the seeds on the water for 6-12 hours and after that dry it for nearly 10-20 minutes.
  • Now you can sow the seeds on the pot.
  • When the seeds grow, take care of it, as I have mentioned the details in my article.
  • When the plant becomes ready, you can use it.

Sign of plant maturity for plantation on the main plant

After sowing the seeds properly, you will now have to wait for the seed to become ready in order to take it to the main field, so how would you know if the plant is ready or not?

Well, some point are given below which will allow you to understand the perfect time of plant to be taken into the main field.

  • See whether the leaves have become enough big or not? You can see the picture below to understand the side of the leaves, it must be above two inches.
  • The stems must have the strength to save itself from natural causes, see the picture give below to understand the size of the stem.
  • Four inches is the perfect size of the plant to be taken for the main field, but if you have a good temperature then you can take it before four inches. There must not be a high temperature where these actions are practiced.

Conclusion about germinating lettuce;

Through this article I mentioned all the details about germinating lettuce, this article is based on true experiences.
Mature lettuce plants
Mature lettuce plants 

Read the article totally so that you can understand better.

There are many related articles in my blog and this blog is about lettuce so if you want to read more articles then go through, it will be helpful for you.

Thank you for reading!

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