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All types of lettuce explained in details (with comparison)

All types of lettuce explained in details (with comparison)
Different types of lettuce explained in details - people may know about lettuce, but still, there are many, who don't know about - all types of lettuce and different lettuce types.

So in this article, I will explain in details about every lettuce and compare them with each other, and at last, you will come to know about all the types.

Before we go to the main topic, let's know something about lettuce, 
Lettuce is a salad plant, well it can be used in many other recipes and meals, but the meaning of word "lettuce" stands for salad.

It is known that lettuce was first discovered by the Greeks and Romans.

This plant is grown in almost all country where agriculture is practiced within the country.

Nearly 50 % of lettuce consumers are from America, because of it's nutritional value and health benefits.

Different Types of lettuce There are more than 15 types of lettuce available in our environment, but some of t…